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Quiz Answers...

1. Obviously, the lock gates represent a canal.

2.  The red and blue squares relate to Swindon/Thamesdown Coats of Arms.

3.  The North Wilts Canal used to link the Thames & Severn Canal to the Wilts & Berks Canal. The two lock gates represent the two canals.

4.  On the left gate, wavy white lines represent the River Thames.

5.  Also on the left gate, the black arch and white dot represent the Sapperton Tunnel, a key feature of the Thames & Severn Canal.
     Alternatively, closer to home, it could represent the tunnel that used to take the North Wilts Canal through Cricklade.

6.  On the right gate, you have a pentagon with 5 circles - of course, it's the Magic Roundabout, a defining feature of modern Swindon.

7.  Also on the right gate, a white horse represents one of the many chalk horses around Wiltshire.

How many did you get ???

And for the bonus point, what is odd about the name of the Wilts & Berks Canal, given it's route ??

It doesn't go through Berkshire any more - due to county boundary changes since its construction !!

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